They walked outside and Hawkeye stopped ."Radar, have you seen the dog?" he opened the shower door.

"What's he going to do in there?" Radar peeked inside.

"He lets me know if any nurses are in here." Hawkeye closed the door. They headed to the Mess tent. Hawkeye stopped . "He usually stays in the back." he walked to the back of the Mess tent and saw something and got closer. "NO!" he put his hand on his mouth.

"Sir?" Radar came behind him.

"It's the. dog... " Hawkeye kneeled and held the dog to him.

"Is he okay?" Radar got down too.

"No." Hawkeye whispered.

"You don't think... the Colonel... that he did it?" Radar whispered.

"Didn't we hear the screech of tires?" Hawkeye said.

"I'll get Father Mulcahy." Radar said.

It was an hour later and the three of them walked down the helipad steps. Father Mulcahy put his hand on Hawkeye's shoulder.

"I never did a service for a dog.. but.. he's one of God's creatures...." Father Mulcahy wiped his eyes.

"Father...we know who did it." Radar whispered.

"Whoever he is.. he is going to have to live with himself." Father Mulcahy said.

Hawkeye went to take a shower and then walked in the Mess tent for coffee. He saw the nurses there . "That dog. got hit by a jeep." he said.

"Oh.. no ." one nurse said

"Yeah.. well.. "Hawkeye sat at a table alone.

He didn't see Margaret come in and sit down. She needed to drink something.... that Donald had stood her up. She was fed up and she heard the nurses talking.

"The poor thing... who did it?"

"I don't know... how sad."

"Someone must have untied him."

She got up and shook her head. They were talking about the dog. She didn't see him today and she wasn't going to cry. She saw Radar and he nodded at her.

"Major, you have a call."

"I do?" she said.

"Yes, it's... " he saw her run inside.

She took the phone and listened. "Donald, sweetheart... where were you?" she said. She listened and then sighed. She took a breath and counted to ten.

Outside, Radar saw Hawkeye come in. "Major Houlihan is on the phone...with...her .. Colonel." he whispered.

In the office, Margaret kept on "Listen, we had a date... and you're an hour and a half late...did you realize that...what? You did... what? I see...well...a dent in your jeep...that's... minor..."she was getting mad right now.

Outside, Hawkeye had put the phones on and listened. He didn't say a word.

In the office... Margaret was fit to be tied. "Listen... hot shot... I'm not sure I like your being late... uh huh... sure you did." she listened and then sighed. "You did what? Oh, great.. and you got drunk too."

Hawkeye shook his head and took off the phones. "That proves it... Donald was driving that jeep."

"What are you going to do?" Radar said.

"I don't know." Hawk said.

In the office, Margaret was nearly in tears. "You did what.. ..you ran over something and you didn't check? Why not? I know why not.. because you were a coward.... a big coward..." she felt the tears. "I think you hit that animal on purpose.... he could be lying in a ditch.."

Out in the office, Hawkeye couldn't take it. "Radar... um... I'm... out of here." he felt sick to his stomach and had to get some air.

Margaret held the phone and she sighed. "I am not getting married to you... not a chance.. and if you're thinking that.. it will be a cold day in August... that's right...oh yeah? Well.. STUFF IT!" she slammed down the phone.

Radar put his hand on his ear and he sat down. He saw the door open and Margaret storm out and she kicked the door with her foot.

"AWWWW!!!!" she said. She kept walking and nearly collided with Hawkeye.


"Get out of my way... I don't have time for you.. I don't have time for.. dogs..."

"Say... what?"

"I said... I don't have time for... you and I don't have time for... feeling sorry for dogs."

"How did you know?"


"The dog was hit by a jeep."

"No." she put her head down.

"I saw you feed the dog."

He took her arm and led her to her tent. He opened the door and then waited.

"That.. dog.. is dead?"


She turned her head away and started to cry. Hawkeye stood there and then he put his arms around her. She leaned her head against him and cried more.

Hawkeye kissed her on the head and she looked up at him.

"Donald... did that... did you know.. he told me...how could I... marry him."

Hawk shook his head. "I don't know."

"Hawkeye...you fed the dog too.. right?"


"You saw him get hit?"

"No.. Radar heard it.. and we looked for the dog.. and.. welll... I...found him."

She put her hands on his face. "I'm.. sorry." she said.

"Maybe it will bring us.. closer."


They hugged again and she sighed. He felt the tears on his face and he didn't want to cry. The dog affected him and it hurt him. She felt his pain too and she hurt for the dog.

They parted and then looked away. He was afraid of what he might do or say. She realized they had their arms around each other. She didn't want to let go.

"Um.. Margaret... you want to... see.. Radar's tattoo?"

"He got one?"

"Well..." he said.

"Yes." she said.

"Come on." he opened the door and then took her hand. They headed to the office and saw BJ come out .


"What?" Hawkeye said.

"The Chief surgeon and the Head nurse holding hands." he smiled.

"We are not holding hands." Hawkeye pulled his hand from hers .

"Okay,.. whatever you say... you should get a load of what Radar is doing." BJ said.

He opened the door for them. Radar was picking up a weight.

"Radar... will you stop playing with those things?" Hawkeye said

"Hawkeye...you know...women go for muscles ." Radar said.

"If they do.... let me try." Hawkeye lifted up one and then shook his head.

"Why don't you lift the Major?"

Hawkeye gently lifted her in his arms and she smiled at him. "Okay, Sixty times two. " he said.

"It is not" she slapped him playfully.

"Okay.. sixty.. " Radar adjusted the weights.

Hawkeye picked up the weights and then made a face and dropped them. "AWWW!!!" he doubled over and headed into Post Op. Margaret sprinted behind him and saw him on the bed.

"Hawkeye?" she put her hands on his stomach.

He pulled her to him and smiled at her. "I'm not hurt... it's to teach him a lesson.." he said.

"He looks up to you." she felt him take her hand.

"Do you?" he whispered .

"You are a big baby." she said.

"It got you in here." he said.

"That's a mean trick." she pinched him on the arm.

"Ouch." he said.

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