Radar walked in and stopped. "Hawkeye...you didn't get hurt." he said.

"No, but.. listen....just don't lift the weights." Hawkeye said.

"I'm going to try...I'm not getting hurt.." he left the room and then a few minutes later they heard a yell. "AWWW!!" he screamed. The two rushed in and saw Radar on the bed.

"Radar.. talk to me. "Hawkeye stood here.

"Sir, it hurts." he held his stomach.

"Beej... you want to check our son." Hawkeye said.

"Hawkeye... " Radar said

"Go with Uncle BJ."

Hawkeye helped Radar to stand up. He shook his head at the young corporal. Considering the age difference, he was more like an older brother. He looked at Margaret.

"Well, Mom...what do you think?" he said.

"I am not his mother..." she whispered

"I see that smile on your face." He said

"I happen to outrank you... Captain." she said

"Well, not in age." he whispered

"Don't start with me." she said.

"You just don't have any fun." he followed her into Post Op. They saw Radar on the bed.

"It's just a pulled muscle. " BJ said

"Can I get some ice cream?" Radar looked at Hawkeye

"Hmm... well.. this time... but.. I don't.. cater to just any one, you know." Hawkeye got a chart and made notes.

"No, sir." Radar tried not to smile.

Margaret sat on the other bed." Radar.. did you really get a tattoo?" she said.

"Do I have to tell her?" Radar said.

"Major.. it's in the same place.. we um... well... you know. " Hawkeye had a grin on his face.

She sighed. "Not there.. oh.. no.." she whispered.

"The same." he said.

"Radar.. you could get an infection." She said

"Major.. I didn't.. honest.. I just said I did... it's.. a.. drawn on.. one.." Radar said.

"A little teddy bear." Hawkeye said.

"Oh, that's cute." she said.

"I'm sure Donald had one. Darling, I don't have one.. and you can do a search." he put up his arms.

"Pierce.. not a chance ." she said.

"So, why don't you get one.. a little Butterfly." he said.

"Captain... " she said.

BJ started to laugh. "I don't believe this.. the Head nurse and the Chief surgeon flirting with one another." BJ said

"You didn't see a thing." Hawkeye kissed her on the cheek.

"We all have images to protect, right?" she said

"That's right. "Hawkeye said .

"Radar, you didn't see a thing.. not one thing.. " Margaret said.

"Nope." Radar said .

"What you see is not what you get." Hawkeye said.

"I'll remember that." Radar said

"Captain Pierce.. outside." Margaret took his sleeve. They walked in the other room.

"Yes? " he said.

"What am I going to do with you?" she said.

"Oh, I can think of a few things." he had a grin on his face

"Pierce." she turned her head.

"Margaret... you are going to be in for a big surprise... and you won't know what hit you. " he put his arms around her and she moved her arms around his neck. They stood there and heard someone clear their throat.

"PIERCE!" Colonel Potter stood there.

"Sir?" Hawkeye said.

"Where's Radar?" Potter said.

"He pulled a muscle lifting those weights." Hawkeye said

"Hmm.. first a tattoo and now weights." Colonel Potter said

"He just wants to be a big boy." Hawkeye said

"And.. tell me.. what are the Chief surgeon and the Head nurse doing in this office?" he said

"Not a thing." she took her arms from around his neck

"I don't call that ... nothing." Potter said

"Sir... didn't you want us all to get along?" Hawkeye said.

"Not that way." Potter walked into Post Op. The two tried not to laugh.

"Are we supposed to ask his permission?" Hawkeye said .

"I don't think you're going to do that." she said.

"What do you care about images?" he said .

"Hawkeye, we have to show some kind of... respect to our Commanding Officer." she whispered.

"Maybe it's time we changed what he thinks of us." Hawkeye said.

"I'm not going to tell you... what he thinks of you." she said.

"I'll tell you what I think of you... Major." he said .

"Oh yeah?" she folded her arms.

"Yeah... you are stubborn....and....opinionated... and.... extremely by the book.." he said.

"OH YEAH!" she said.

"YES!" he said.

"And guess what...you are... totally non military... and.. have a mouth on you." she said.

"Is this a shouting match! Well, listen, I can out shout you any day!" he said.

"GO AHEAD!" she opened the door to the Colonel's office.

"AND ... another thing." he said.

"Yes?" she said.

He sat in the chair and leaned back. "I think I want a drink."

"I just bet you do." she stood there.

"I'm sorry." he whispered.

"Is this what I'm supposed to be prepared for... a Jekyll and Hyde...doctor?" she whispered .

You better take me just as I am." he said.

"I think it scares me... we can't let anyone know.. not a soul.' she said.

"You're not going to get me to admit it." he said.

"Fine by me." she said.

"Maybe caring can turn to love." he said.

"I'm not ready to love again.. not for a long time." she said.

"You really break my heart." he said.

"You can't give up dating my nurses and you know it. I feel sorry for any one who falls in love with you." she said.

"You're going to feel pretty... sorry for yourself." he said.

"What?" she said.

"I'll admit it... I do care...more than you know." he said.

"Just don't... step on my heart." she said.

"The same applies for you." he said .

"We should get out there.. people have a way of talking." she said.

"You're right... they are never going to believe the Head nurse and the Chief surgeon have a thing for one another." he walked to the door.

"I don't believe it myself. Maybe it's good...because... when you play those jokes... you aren't going to play them on me." she said.

"Well, you are not going to let me forget... we have an image to protect.... Isn't that right?" he said.

"That's right." She took his arm and they walked outside into the sunlight.

The End

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