BJ should have his own story about returning to Mill Valley, CA. So, I'm making one up!

Return to Mill Valley: The Story of BJ Hunnicutt

by Elizabeth

Mill Valley, CA, 1955. Two years after coming home from M*A*S*H 4077th, BJ Hunnicutt is trying to settle back into the "groove" of stateside life. He finds it hard at first; their neighborhood is full of wannabe thieves no more than thirteen or fourteen years old. But with the guidance of his wife, Peg, and his daughter Erin, now five and talking like a machine, BJ is able to "keep it real" for just a little while. Then his old buddy from the 4077th, Hawkeye, shows up in town, and our story begins...

(neighborhood in Mill Valley. BJ HUNNICUTT is sitting in a lawn chair on the porch of his home. He is holding a basketball, letting it bounce once and then catching it. His wife PEG comes out with lemonade).

Peg: Something wrong, BJ?

BJ: I don't know, honey. After spending all that time in camp and wanting to go home, I feel like I should still be there. Something...I don't know...

(His daughter ERIN, who was riding her trike with her best friend Hannah, gets off her trike and runs into her father's big strong arms).

Erin: Hi, Daddy! Guess what? Me and Hannah rode all the way 'round the block! I fell off and scraped my knee but we did it, Daddy!

BJ: Hey, that's great! give you any trouble?

Erin (quietly): Yeah. The big kid that wears all the black shirts. Mommy, how come his skin is darker than ours is?

Peg: Well, honey, those people are called Hispanics. They're from Mexico.

Erin (giggling): Tee hee. Mexico. That's a funny word.

BJ: Do you know the big kid's name?

Erin: Yeah. He said his name was Diego.

Peg: What did he say to you and Hannah?

Erin: He said, 'get off those dirty trikes, suckers!' He said he had a gun. What's a gun, Daddy?

BJ: You don't want to know. When you pull it, it makes a bang. It could kill you.

Erin: Uh oh.

Peg: Come on, honey. Let's get that scrape of yours washed up. BJ, sweetheart, dinner will be ready in a few minutes.

BJ: Cool. OK.

(BJ stands up to go inside. As he does, he sees a rusty old Rolls-Royce park outside in the road in front of the house. The custom-made license plate could only mean one thing...)

BJ: Hawkeye!

Hawkeye: Hey, man! What's up? Still good?

BJ: Yeah. Everything's cool. What about you?

Hawkeye: All cool with me, dude. Boy, have I got a great deal for you!

To be continued...

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