As soon as Hawkeye finishes reading the letter, Charles enters the swamp with half a bottle of cognac and a phonograph in his arms. He puts the cognac and phonograph away.

"How was your date Charles?" Hawkeye asks him.

"It went well," Charles answers. "Rose is the most beautiful woman I have ever met in my entire life. She's really refined."

BJ looks at Henry. "And Charles here is pompous and boring," BJ adds.

"Go walk in the land mine, Hunnicutt!" Charles answers him angrily.

Charles looks at Henry. "Who is your friend?" Charles asks Hawkeye.

Hawkeye introduces them. "Major Charles Emerson Winchester, this is ex-Lieutenant Colonel Henry Blake."

"You're the colonel that made Hawkeye chief surgeon?" Charles asks with an arrogant tone while shaking Henry's hand.

"Yes I am," Henry answers, "the last time I was here, Hawkeye was the best surgeon in the outfit."

"I'm still chief surgeon," Hawkeye tells Henry.

"You should watch me in surgery sometime Henry," Charles says, "you will get to see what a superior surgeon can do." Charles looks at Hawkeye when he says the word "superior".

"He's also arrogant," Henry says quietly to Hawkeye.

"Why don't we go outside and play golf right now?" Henry suggests. "It will be fun!"

"Let's play tomorrow instead Henry. You need to take it easy today because you've been through a lot," Hawkeye tells him.

"Ok," Henry says.

"A golf game sounds like fun," BJ says. "Would you like to join us Charles?"

"No thank you," Charles politely answers.

The next day, Charles and Rose are having a picnic outside near the mine field, but not near the golf game. They are sitting on a blanket facing each other with Charles open, but not empty, tote bag between them. They are enjoying their dinner which consists of fried chicken, corn on the cob, fresh vegetables, and apple juice.

"Rose, I'd like to compliment you on the fine dinner you made," Charles tells her. He takes a bite out of his corn on the cob.

"Thank you Charles," Rose answers. She takes a sip of her apple juice.

Meanwhile; Henry, BJ, Hawkeye, and Margaret are playing golf outside.

"This game is a lot of fun," Margaret says. "I haven't played it for a long time."

"Neither have I," Henry tells her.

"Ready to tee off Henry?" Hawkeye asks.

Henry swings his golf club, the golf club hits the ball, and it lands on the green near the hole.

"Very good Henry!" BJ says.

"Your turn Margaret," BJ says.

Margaret swings her golf club and hits the ball. The ball lands in the hole. "A hole in one!" Margaret yells.

"That's great!" BJ yells.

"I thought you said you didn't play golf in awhile," Hawkeye says.

"I didn't," Margaret answers him happily.

It's Hawkeye's turn to play golf. He swings the golf club and it hits the ball, but his ball lands on the sand instead of the green. "Oh rats!" Hawkeye exclaims.

"Is that all you can say?" BJ asks him.

"It's your turn Beej," Henry tells him.

BJ swings his golf club, but his ball lands in the same place as Hawkeye's. "Oh rats!" BJ exclaims.

"Is that all you can say?" Hawkeye asks repeating BJ's question.

Charles and Rose are finished with their dinner. Charles takes out a bottle of cognac and two glasses.

"Rose, this is a special occasion for us," he says as he pours the drink in both glasses and gives one to her.

"What's the occasion?" Rose asks puzzled.

"You'll see," Charles answers her. Charles holds up his glass. "Rose, I'd like to make a toast to a very wonderful and beautiful woman. Here's to Rose."

They clink glasses.

Rose takes a sip of cognac. "Charles, I'd like to make a toast, to the most distinguished gentleman I have ever met. Here's to Charles."

They clink glasses again. Charles takes a sip of cognac then puts his glass down. He has Rose put her glass down as well.

Charles proposes to Rose. "Rose, I enjoy sharing my time with you because you are a lovely woman. I have never met a woman whose company I enjoyed more. I love you very much. Rose, will you marry me?"

"Yes!" Rose answers happily, "yes! I love you too, and I would definitely like to marry you!"

Charles slips a diamond ring on her finger. They stand up and put their arms around each other for a minute and kissed They enjoy this moment. As soon as they finish kissing they let go of each other. They look at each other with love in their eyes while Charles takes both of Rose's hands in his own and holds them.

"Rose, why don't we take a walk and break the good news to the others," Charles suggests.

"That's a good idea Charles," Rose agrees.

Charles and Rose let go of each other's hands. They then stand side by side, take each others hands again, and slowly start to walk.

Back at the golf game, Margaret swings her golf club, the golf club hits the ball, and it lands in hole number 15. A hole in one!" Margaret yells.

"Not again!" Hawkeye exclaims.

"Rats!" Henry exclaims.

Charles and Rose approach them still holding each other's hands.

"You seem awful happy Margaret," Charles tells her.

"I am!" Margaret says excitedly, "I'm winning! You seem awful happy too Charles. May I ask why?"

"That's why we came," Charles answers her. "I have an announcement to make, Rose and I are engaged." He holds up Rose's hand that has the diamond ring on it.

"Congratulations Charles!" Hawkeye says happily.

"Congratulations!" the others tell them.

"I'm so happy for you Rose!" Margaret tells her while she gives her a quick hug.

"I am happy too," Rose says, "Thank you."

"When are you going to get married?" BJ asks.

"When we get back to the states," Charles answers.

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