"I must say, Klinger, you look much better this time then at your last wedding." Trapper commented with a teasing grin to his friend.

"I don't know, Trap." Hawkeye added with a sly look at the victim of their jokes. "I don't see how you can beat a white wedding gown."

"Soon-Lee you look beautiful." Peg told her. "The gown suits you a lot better."

Soon-Lee chuckled and gave her husband a mischievous look. "That's because I don't have hairy arms." Klinger just laughed and hugged her to him before changing the picture on the screen revealing the camp with just the frames of where the tents had stood. A look of sadness washed over the faces of the 4077th staff members.

"You know, sometimes I use to wish we were all back there." BJ confessed softly. "As much as I hated the war and the killing and the destruction at times I would have given almost anything to be back there just so we could all be together again." He looked at each member of his old unit individually and said. "I missed you all so much." He looked at Colonel Potter and said. "I missed your kind leadership, the way you would keep tabs on us without us really realizing it." Looking to Radar he said. "I missed your gentle innocence. You always reminded me of a puppy that wanted to be petted." Radar smiled good-naturedly, understanding BJ was giving him a compliment. Turning to Klinger he chuckled. "I missed your Section Eight stunts and your wonderful wardrobe. You were always good for a laugh." Klinger smiled softly. Turning to Charles he laughed ironically and confessed. "I even missed your pomposity, Charles."

"Boys, you were sick, and I don't mean 'homesick'." Hawkeye teased, causing his friend to turn and look at him.

BJ shook his head slightly as he looked at his best friend and his wife. "I would have to say that I've missed you two the most. I've missed Margaret's tantrums..."

"I don't have tantrums!" Margaret exclaimed indignantly and then smiled ruefully as she realized how her outburst sounded.

Looking at Hawkeye BJ continued. "And I've missed your crazy sense of humor and the way that you look out for everyone around you. You're a real jewel, Hawk and I've missed you."

"We've missed you too, Beej." Hawkeye assured him as he put a hand on his friend's shoulder. The two men looked at each other for a moment until Klinger piped up, his tone light as he tried to ease the somber mood.

"I bet you didn't give BJ a 'goodbye' like this though, Hawkeye." He changed the picture to reveal Hawkeye and Margaret, their arms wrapped tightly around each other, their lips pressed together in a 'goodbye' kiss that would remain emblazoned on the minds of everyone who witnessed it forever.

"Oh, Klinger, that is perfect!" Hawkeye exclaimed in delight. "How did you get that?"

"One of the Corporals that was helping tear down the tents took it." Klinger replied. "He got a couple other shots of everyone saying 'goodbye', but this one was the best."

"We should have known after that kiss that something would happen between the two of you." Potter commented with a large grin. "I hadn't seen two people kiss so long since Mildred told me she'd marry me."

"That does look like some kiss." Trapper remarked with a broad grin.

"I agree." Sydney piped up, shooting both parties a teasing smile. "I'm sorry I missed it. Maybe I should have kept a closer eye on him Hawkeye."

"Do you have anymore 'goodbye' shots, Klinger?" Potter asked curiously.

"Just a couple." Klinger replied as he quickly showed a shot of BJ and Hawkeye hugging 'goodbye' on the chopper pad and then one of the Colonel riding off on Sophie.

After the last picture was shown Klinger reached over and flipped on the lights. A round of appreciative applause ensued from the delighted crowd just as Radar rose and exited the room.

"I want some of those pictures, Klinger!" Hawkeye exclaimed excitedly. "You've got some doozies there."

"Just hold your horses, Hawkeye." Klinger told him, then nodded towards their host as he came back into the room, his arm full of white boxes. "Radar has something there for all of you."

"What do you have, Radar?" Hawkeye asked curiously as the younger man passed by.

"It's a surprise." Radar replied proudly, giving his friend's a mysterious smile as he set the boxes down on the chair he'd just abandoned. "It's something special that Klinger and I made up for everyone."

"What is it?" Trapper asked as he tried to lift one corner of a box lid, attempting to gain a glimpse inside.

Radar good-naturedly slapped his hand away and admonished. "Just hold your horses and Klinger and I will hand one out to each of you."

"What is it, Klinger?" Trapper pressed, looking at Radar's partner eagerly. "Come on, you can tell us."

"You heard Radar." Klinger replied seriously gently shoving Trapper out of the way so that he could get at the boxes. "You'll get to see when we give it to you."

Trapper gave a deep exaggerated sigh of resolution. "Alright, if you insist." He sat back in his chair and plastered a look of impatience on his face.

"Klinger and I are going to hand each of the unit staff a box." Radar explained excitedly. "I ask you though not to open the box until everyone has theirs."

Klinger picked up a stack of boxes and started to distribute them. "Colonel Potter."

"Thank you, Klinger." The Colonel acknowledged as he accepted the box his friend offered him.

"Charles Winchester." Radar announced as he handed the box to the former M*A*S*H surgeon.

"Thank you, Radar." Charles drawled in his usual way.

"Henry." Klinger handed a box to their old commanding officer, a look of surprise on his own face. Looking over to Radar he asked curiously. "How did you get this one by me?"

"I have my ways." Radar replied with a secretive smile.

Klinger chuckled in amusement and turned back to his task. "Hawkeye Pierce." Hawkeye accepted his package just as Radar handed Trapper his. Holding it up to his ear he shook it. "Sounds safe." He quipped.

"Can't heart the ocean, uh Hawk?" BJ teased as Klinger handed him his package.

"No, not this time." Hawkeye laughed, shooting his wife a sly glance.

"It doesn't smell bad or anything either." Trapper commented as he held the box up to his nose.

"Guess you'll just have to wait a few more minutes to see what it is." Margaret chuckled at her husband and his two buddies childlike impatience.

When Klinger handed Father Mulcahy his box he turned to Radar and announced. "All packages have been passed out, oh Honorable Host."

"Thank you, Klinger." Radar replied, then held out one more. "Here's yours."

"Thanks." His friend accepted the box and then headed back to his seat.

"Okay, everyone." Radar looked at the eager expressions on his friend's faces and smiled gently. "You can open them now." His announcement was followed by the sound of lids being opened and tissue paper being rustled in excitement.

After a few moments there were various murmurs of pleasure and surprise throughout the group.

"Radar, this is wonderful!" Hawkeye exclaimed as he lifted a leather-bound book out of the box and flipped it open. Inside were the various snapshots that they had just seen on screen just a few moments before.

"This is terrific guys!" BJ echoed as he ran his hand over the front of the book. Embossed on the cover were the words 'M*A*S*H 4077th Memories' in big gold letters. Then underneath in a smaller font it said 'Korea 1950 to 1953'. In the bottom right hand corner was his name.

"I can't believe you guys did this." Margaret commented in a tone reflecting her disbelief. "This must have cost you a lot of time and money."

"Don't think about that." Radar waved his hand as if to dismiss the statement. "It was well worth it."

"I don't know what to say, boys." Potter commented, wiping his eyes with his handkerchief. "This has got to be one of the best gifts I've ever gotten."

"Your welcome." Radar smiled at his friend, glad to see how well received his gift was.

"I don't know how to thank you for this." Hawkeye said as he flipped through the book quickly. "This is amazing." A puzzled frown creased his features as he found something new in the book. It wasn't a picture. He looked at it more closely and asked. "What's this, Radar?"

Radar leaned over and looked at what his friend was referring to. A broad smile lit up his face. "Klinger and I added a few little items to the albums that weren't on the slides. That's a duty log that I wrote when I was taking that creative writing course. Colonel Potter wouldn't let me send it the I-Corps, so I kept it."

"'Duty Log 13th June. Corporal Walter O'Reilly - Company Clerk." Hawkeye read aloud, an amused tone in his voice. "The friendly old sun showed his friendly hot face over the mountains of purple majesty as though he was saluting 'good morning' to all. Alas, alak, the peaceful quietness was detonated by a herd of choppers transportizing punctured personnel. But our gallant doctors, the miracle medical mortals are ever ready to treat the sick. The wounded were aided copiously by super smart surgeons whose knowledge is superseded by nobody I know. Together or apart they work as a team. Skilled hands with their fingers work dedicatedly to keep death away from its maximum'...I don't wonder Sherman didn't let you send this, he would have probably gotten Klinger's Section Eight."

"And that's not all." Trapper commented with a laugh. "Listen to the next one. '1600 hrs. The sun in it's crimson radiance said a crepuscular due to another day. Corporal Klinger was in his last grisly hour of guard duty, little knowing the fate that destiny had planned up for him. The Chinese were giving up in hordes. Sergeant Feerman brought in three prisoners that he had captured after they had surrendered voluntarily. The Sergeant bragadiered to Corporal Klinger that capturing prisoners meant points towards discharge and early homeward bounding. This information inspired Klinger a whole lot. The vainglorious Corporal ran like a bird and sped off in quest of Chinese giver uppers. But destiny exterminated his luck. The Chinese GI's had not seen women in an over excited period of time. Klinger barely escaped with his purity still clean'..." The entire crowd exploded with laughter at the though to Klinger fighting off Chinese GI's. Short of breath Trapper attempted to finish the rest of the log. "...'and in the process, ruining his finest frockery. The Corporal rearrived with his dignity dented and his nonchalantness not so nifty.'"

"That's a fine piece of work, Radar." Hawkeye praised as he laughed heartily.

"A Masterpiece!" Trapper echoed as he looked at Klinger and started to applaud.

"If you think that's a Masterpiece, check out my work." Klinger encouraged them. "It's a couple of pages ahead." Everyone flipped until they came to another couple of sheets of paper with writing.

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