What's Wrong With Hawkeye?

by MonkieWing16@aol.com

"How can you eat that so call food?" Complained Hawkeye.

"Oh common Hawk he's a growing boy." Smirked B.J.

"Oh cut that out." Pleaded Radar.

It was a typical morning at the 4077th and everybody was eating in the mess tent.

"Look B.J.," Hawkeye said. "is it just me or does Margaret look like she has a new boyfriend"

"No, just you." B.J. said quick and without train of thought.

"This could be fun." Hawkeye said mischievous.

"Uh, oh," Radar had a look on his face. "choppers,"

As Potter, Charles, B.J. and Pierce were working fast on their separate tables, they were being overwhelmed in casualties.

"Scalpel." Charles asked the nurse.

"Charles just one question." Hawkeye remarked.

"Oh no here it comes." B.J. knew Hawkeye was going to make a sarcastic remark.

"Do you purposely leave your cologne where I am force to smell it. Like on your body."

"He's gotcha there Charles. It smells like you bathe in it." B.J. agreed.

"For your information this is expensive cologne which could only be purchased with an obscene amount of money. Something you don't have." Charles stated in his offense.

"Do us both a favor and keep your cologne out of the operating room." Colonel Potter demanded.

"Or do us a favor and keep both you and your cologne out." Hawkeye joked.

"Boy, this horse had its last shot." Potter referred to himself.

"Well, we had been in the OR," B.J. said. "all day."

"See you boys in the morning." He walked drazy to his tent not willing to talk anymore.

"Are you going to Rosies?" B.J. wondered.

"What are you kidding, I'm to beat to go to Rosies or maybe I'm just beat."

They enter the swamp to find Charles sleeping. The swamp had a strange odor.

"That's either that dead rat we never found or Charles." Hawkeye compared.

"Help me move him and his bed to somewhere else."

"That's a great idea Beej" Hawkeye said tired. They both got on each side of Charles bunk and struggled in lifting it up. Slowly they move it out of their tent in to Potters tent, quietly snickering. They laid it down gently and B.J. motion for him and Hawkeye to get out of the room. They leave and close the door.

"Great we got rid of the skunk," Hawk said. "but not the smell."

"We'll leave the door open and it'll be fine." B.J. said calmly. Hawkeye props into bed and doesn't think twice about it. B.J. stumbles to the door and props it open. Then manages to make it back to his bed to fall asleep.

Into the night a little American girl appears in the camp. She is around 10 years old and she has light brown hair. She is filthy and wears a rags for clothes. She has nothing on her cold, light color feet. She came with a letter in her hands. She walked by many tents, as she turned the corner of the mess tent she ran into Klinger who was on guard for the night watch.

"Sir?" Radar paused. "Wake up Hawkeye."

"What I didn't hear any choppers." Hawkeye said seriously.

"No. Potter wants you and B.J. in his office." Hawkeye groaned.

"B.J.?" Radar said as he move to B.J. bunk. B.J. threw a pillow at him.

"It's not my fault." Radar said. "I'm just the messenger." B.J. sat up and got ready.

Both the surgeons walked in to the office wearing their robes and were very tired.

"Yea colonel." Hawkeye wondered.

"First why was Charles and that smell in my room."

"We thought you would have like company." Hawkeye joked.

"Plus, threes a crowd." B.J. remarked.

"We'll talk about that later."

"Hey whose the little girl." B.J. question the little girl standing in the office who he just noticed.

"Here's the letter read for yourself." Colonel handed them the letter she had carried.

They took it and read it together to themselves.

To whom it concerns:
This is my little girl Alicia. Her mother is dead and I will soon be to. Please keep her safe.

Thank You

"That's it? No explanation, no reason?" Hawkeye looked upset. Colonel Potter motion for Radar to come in the office and take the little girl away. Radar had been standing next to the window of the door watching what was going on. He came in and grabbed the little girls hand as gently as he could and took her out of the office. As soon as the doors shut Hawkeye finished his sentence.

"He just dropped the little girl off and expected us to take care of her?"

"Why would she be here in Korea in the first place." B.J. was puzzled.

"It's not uncommon for men to take their families to Tokyo why they fight the war. That way they can come home every night after the war. It's good for them but bad for their families." Colonel Potter said.

"But this means it was a suicide note cause he knew he was going to..." Colonel Potter nodded and suggested. "Lets do a check up on her."

"I'm on it." B.J. volunteered.

Hawkeye prop down back in his cot and immediately fell back to sleep. It was around midnight and Hawkeye didn't think twice about it. While Potter and B.J. check up on Alicia. Around 3:00 in the morning Hawkeye sat straight up in his cot and screamed. He was sweating everywhere and B.J. just happen to be walking back from Mulcahy's tent where the girl was sleeping. He ran into the swamp and turn on the lights to wake Hawkeye up.


Hawkeye was stunned for a moment and realized where he was.

"Hawk, are you o.k.?"

Hawkeye put his feet on the floor while he sat with his hands buried in his face. He was breathing hard.

"Yea, I'm fine Beej. I am just going to take a little walk." Hawkeye got out of bed and wrap his robe around himself. He walked out the door while B.J. had a worried look on his face.

It was the same morning and B.J. sat down in front of the Colonel in the mess tent.

"Is the girl talking yet?"

"No, I am afraid not." Potter answered.

"Oh look here she comes now." B.J. said as she came walking through the door holding Father Mulcahy's hand. She was wearing different clothing. It was most likely going to be donated to the orphanage. It was a little light blue dressed. Her hair looked like it had been brushed because it was smooth and straight.

"Hello all." Father Mulcahy said as he address Potter and B.J.

"Hey Father and hey Alicia." B.J. said in an open manner and made some joke about how she should watch out and not let him pull some scriptures on her. She didn't find it amusing. Although she did seem to like B.J. more then anyone else she'd met.

Mulcahy left with her to get him and her something to eat. She however wasn't hungry and wasn't about to eat.

"All right give it to me straight. Are you truing to torture me or just kill me?" Colonel Potter was referring to Winchester. "After we got through with Alicia I was to tired and didn't really care about it. But then when I woke up in the morning all my senses came back including my sense of smell and it smelled like something died and came back to life."

"Don't worry Colonel, Charles is like a lost puppy. He always finds his way home." B.J. then got more serious. "Colonel I am worried about Hawk. He woke up last night screaming and then he just walked out of the tent like there was nothing wrong. He came back at 6:30 this morning and went back to bed."

"It's all right. What's one nightmare going to hurt? Besides there's no fighting going on so Hawkeye can sleep as late as he wants.

"Yea I guess your right." Father Mulcahy sat down next to Potter as the little intimidated girl sat next to B.J.. Mulcahy put her food in front of her and began a conversation and she just sat there in silence watching her food. Everyone was finished with their food excepted for Alicia who didn't even touched hers.

"If your finished do you want me to give you the grand tour of the great 4077th." B.J. asked her. She nodded yes.

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