Part 2

"Last but not least, the swamp." B.J. just got through giving a tour of the camp to Alicia. B.J. held the little girls hand and walked her into the swamp.

"To your right you will notice a live alligator under the grass." B.J. was referring to Hawkeye sleeping underneath his blanket. B.J. was stretching everything to amuse the girl. He noticed that Charles had moved his cot back into the swamp. "And to your left you will notice the cot that belong to a great king, Charles Emerson Winchester the Thirdddd." The way B.J. rolled his tongue at the end made her smile.

"That's what I like to see, a beautiful smile." B.J. had a great idea. "You wanna have some fun?" The girl looked at him. He went over into Charles footlocker and grab all of the cologne. Charles only had three bottles left.

B.J. went over to the girl and pick her up. He carried her and the three bottles out of the swamp and over to Post-OP.

Hawkeye woke up about an hour and a half later. He looked over to his clock to see what time it is.

"10:30?" He said out loud to himself. He got up and to find out his hair was a mess. He had bags underneath his eyes. Hawkeye stood up and stretched. He walked out of the swamp and into Radar's office. Radar was very busy typing a letter. "Do you have any mail for me?" Hawkeye asked abruptly.

"No, and I probably won't have none for another week or so." Radar was still typing.

B.J. came out of the Post-OP carrying the little girl. He saw Charles walking toward him. "Charles the Colonel wanted me to tell you that you have Post-Op duty."

"What? Now?" Charles question.


"Well, how many are in there? Can't this wait?"

"Nope. Theirs five and ones got a bad case of ...hygienouse." B.J. just thought of the first word that popped in his head. "It's from that new weapon the North Koreans created."

"What's hygienouse?"

"Oh, it's where the skin starts deteriorating in certain spots creating this awful smell."

Charles wondered. "Why am I the last one to know about these kind of things?"

B.J. just shrugged his shoulders.

"Here let me show you which one." B.J. offered. He walked through Post-OP doors while Charles followed behind. Alicia plugged her nose. Charles instantly smelled the odor.

As soon as Charles smelled it he claimed "That is a ferocious smell."

"Oh really?" B.J. looked at the patient who only had a fracture foot. The patient hold up a bottle of Charles cologne. "It's a lot different when the shoes on the other foot, or in this case when the cologne on the other men."

"I see your point."

"Do you want your cologne back sir?" The patient ask Charles.

"No by all means keep it, please."

Timed Pass

"Goodnight." B.J. kissed the girl on the forehead. The girl still wasn't talking but it was only her fifth day in camp. B.J. understood what she was going through. He left Mulcahy's tent to see him walking toward his tent.

"Night Padre." B.J. said.

"Good night B.J.." The Padre said as he was walking in his tent. B.J. went over to the swamp. Charles had moved out last night due to the fact he couldn't stand Hawkeye screaming anymore. Charles went to a nearby VIP tent.

B.J. found Hawkeye sound asleep. Hawkeye went to bed early but he only had three hours of sleep a night because of his nightmares. When he had the nightmare he would just walk around the compound cause he was scare to go back to sleep. Hawkeye wouldn't let anyone know he was scared. B.J. thought maybe tonight he would stay sound asleep. He quietly went to bed so he wouldn't wake Hawkeye.

"NOOOOOOO!" Hawkeye stood straight up in his bed. "STOPPPPP!"

"Hawkeye!" B.J. turned on the light and went over to his friend side. "Hawk, its okay."

Hawkeye paused for a moment. "Oh My God." Hawkeye was taking deep breathes.

"Hawkeye tell me what happened!" B.J. wanted to know with anxious eyes. Hawkeye shook his head no.

"I've got to take a walk. I just got to get some fresh air." Hawkeye kind of push B.J. aside and walked to the door. He looked at back at B.J.. Hesitated. He quickly push the door open and went out. B.J. had a hopeless look on his face. B.J. walked out of the swamp as well but he went into the mess tent. When he got in there he saw Colonel Potter and Margaret as well. Margaret wasn't crying she just had watery eyes. Margaret got up and left the mess tent as soon as B.J. walked in.

B.J. walked toward Potter. "Hope I am not interrupting anything."

"No son, sit down."

"Colonel? Hawkeye just had another bad dream. He is really worrying me."

"Again? That's it I am putting a call through to Sidney. I'll do it tonight. How's Alicia?"

"O.K. She still isn't eating or talking for that matter."

A jeep rolled into camp around 4:30 in the morning. Colonel Potter ran out to greet Sidney.

"Shall we go in my office?" Potter asked.

"Just lead the way." Sidney replied.

On their way to the office Potter said. "Thanks for being here in such short time."

"No problem. Were not very busy right now. Or nothing that couldn't be handled without me there." They went through the first set of doors where Radar cot was. Radar had his glasses off and set to the side and was sleeping with his Teddy Bear.

They quietly went into the Colonels office. The Colonel went behind his desk. Sidney sat down on the chair in front of it.

"So what's the problem colonel? I heard on the phone that it was urgent."

"It is. It's Hawkeye." The colonel announce. At that time B.J. came in. "Hey Sidney."

Sidney turned around in his chair. "B.J. your up kind of early."

"I asked B.J. to come in because he could tell you more on the subject than I could."

"Tell away." Sidney pronounce.

After Potter, B.J., and Sidney got finish talking and it happen to be 5:00. Sidney went outside to find Hawkeye. Potter and B.J. return to the mess tent to get a cup of coffee.

"Hey Hawkeye"

"Sidney." Hawkeye was still walking and was near the officers club. He had his hands in his pocket and his face was facing the floor.

"I heard you have been having some bad dreams lately."

"Rumors spread fast."

"You want to tell me what there about?" Sidney asked. They were now slowly walking together to the swamp. Hawkeye didn't reply to Sidney's question.

They walked into the swamp and Hawkeye sat on his cot while Sidney pulled up a chair and turned it around so he could sit on it backwards. He put one leg on the right side and one leg on the left side of the chair. His stomach was against the back of the chair. He crossed his arms on the top of the chair.

"Lets start at the beginning."

"My childhood?"

"Sure." Sidney always seem so self confident about himself.

"Your wasting your time."

"Well, you never know."

To be continued...

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