Character Gallery

The following are characters which Gary Burghoff has played over the years in plays, movies, and on television.

Charlie Brown

Play: You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown
Year: 1967-69

Charlie Brown is a young boy who is friendly and polite but has a tough time with almost everything. He never wins a baseball game. His kite always gets caught in a tree. He never kicks the football which Lucy holds for him (and then takes away). Suffering from terrible luck, he worries and goes to Lucy's psychiatric booth to seek assistance. Others love him for his kind and trusting nature, although some call him wishy-washy and a "blockhead."

Walter Eugene "Radar" O'Reilly

Movie: M*A*S*H
Series: M*A*S*H, AfterMASH, W*A*L*T*E*R
Year: 1970-84

Walter is a farm boy from Ottumwa, Iowa who was drafted into the Army at the age of 18. In Korea, he is the company clerk for MASH 4077. He is kind, shy, and naive. People call him "Radar" because he can often tell when something is going to happen before it does. He is also a very hard worker; he anticipates and fulfills the needs of others often even before they make a request. Walter gets along with everyone and loves animals, keeping his own small zoo at the camp.

Gerald "Jerry" Hacker

Series: Ellery Queen
Year: 1976

Jerry Hacker is a somewhat impatient man who holds firmly to his convictions. He was the aide to Stu Hendricks at Hendricks' company when he was killed and he mourned his death. He remains convinced that Buck Nolan killed Hendricks and Hamilton Drew, the detective in the Hendricks case. Although he remained as an aide at the Hendricks company after Stu's death, he didn't feel he was appreciated by Brandon Childs, who took over for Stu.

Bill Taylor

Movie: Casino
Year: 1979

Bill comes onto the S.S. Mardi Gras with his new wife Angie for their honeymoon less than a day after the wedding. While aboard, Bill and Angie appear to be a happy couple, although Bill is a bit impatient with Angie at times. It is revealed that Bill owes a number of debts to people whom he must work to repay.

Robert "Bob" Willis

Movie: The Man in the Santa Claus Suit
Year: 1979

Bob is a high school math teacher who lives in New York City. He enjoys his job. Bob is self-conscious and unsure of his own worth. He's in love with Polly Farmer, his neighbor and best friend; however, he's afraid to propose and tell her about his true feelings. Following the advice from the jeweler who sold him the engagement ring, Bob rents a Santa Claus suit, planning to propose to Polly while wearing it.

Ken Harrison

Play: Whose Life Is It Anyway?
Year: 1985

Ken Harrison is an intelligent and witty sculptor who gets paralyzed from the neck down as a result of a car accident. Requiring 24 hour nursing, Ken does not want to live in the condition he is in. He makes friends with some of the hospital staff who later support him when he goes to trial to be allowed to die.

Arnie Lewis

Movie: Doubles
Year: 1991

Arnie is a wimpy lawyer who comes to the tennis club every week. He is fairly competitive especially when it comes to playing doubles against Lenny. Arnie also borders on obsessive when it comes to cleanliness. He's married and has children whom he still babies. Arnie does have problems with straying though...he's had affairs with a number of other married women.


Movie: Small Kill
Year: 1993

Fleck is a psychopath whose troubles began with his parents who resented him and never cared for him. His mother, a fortune teller, met with an "unfortunate" shaving accident which killed her. Tired of a life full of constant ridicule, Fleck sets a goal to become the new drug lord in town. He kidnaps children for ransom using information from one of his employees and disguises himself as Lady Esmeralda, a female fortune teller. Fleck is willing to kill anyone to achieve his goals.

Liam Patrick Connors

Movie: Behind the Waterfall
Year: 1995

Mr. Connors is a shoe maker and the town storyteller in Erinville. One night St. Patrick gives him a mission to help out some kids who are visiting the town. Mr. Connors helps the children learn to believe in something more as well as use their imagination. He even helps their aunt believe in more than that which can be scientifically proven.

Barney Cashman

Play: Last of the Red Hot Lovers
Year: 1999-2000

Barney Cashman is a very conservative middle-aged man. He owns a seafood restaurant in New York City. Although he loves his wife, he wants to have one extra-marital affair so he'll have something memorable to look back on. He is a kind, caring man who doesn't really want to hurt anyone.