Chapter 3: Radar's Oath of Office

Well, the election results of NOVEMBER 1957 were overwhelming. RADAR O'REILLY was now the new sheriff of ITASCA COUNTY, MINNESOTA. So as he'd said so in his acceptance speech (when addressing the voters) after having taken the oath of office, he said that he was gonna organize a detective division for deputies whom would be plainclothes types instead of being in uniform. So while RADAR was campaigning & raking in the votes MAXWELL Q. KLINGER was training to be a deputy at the SHERIFF'S ACADEMY all summer in 1957 in ST. PAUL. Upon graduating KLINGER was 1ST in his class. So as his 1ST act as sheriff RADAR appoints KLINGER to the rank of JR. DETECTIVE. Also, RADAR & MAUREEN'S family grows to include another son. So with all of the joy in RADAR'S life, tragedy overshadows it when his mother dies FEB. 21ST, 1958. Yet, RADAR recovers from the tragedy real quick like, with help of SIDNEY FREEDMAN.

Of course, RADAR & MULCAHY both go up in arms as they send an insulting to DWIGHT D. EISENHOWER because of ELVIS PRESLEY getting drafted into the U. S. ARMY! Also, MULCAHY (acting on his own) begins to send insulting letters signed a friend to REV. JIMMY SNOW in NASHVILLE, as well as REV. JIMMY SWAGGART down BATON ROUGE way because they've expressed their hatred towards 1950'S rock'n'roll music! Then comes FEB. 3RD, 1959 & RADAR learns of the airplane crash that took the lives of rock'n'roll singers BUDDY HOLLY, J. P. "THE BIG BOPPER" RICHARDSON, & RITCHIE VALENS, along with their pilot. This angers MULCAHY as well & he sends warnings that scare SNOW and SWAGGART into fearing for their lives! And they're not even PENTECOSTAL. So with the help of a private detective & a genealogist, MULCAHY learns that SWAGGART is a cousin of rock'n'roll singer JERRY LEE LEWIS whom in '57 had a big hit with the song "GREAT BALLS OF FIRE"! CHARLES EMERSON WINCHESTER, III. is also angered & says "If SNOW or SWAGGART ever get invited to give a sermon in BOSTON I'll give one or the other of them or both of them a piece of my mind, thereby damning the both of them to fiery HELL"! MULCAHY agrees as well as RADAR. SIDNEY FREEDMAN replies "I'll drink to that"! The reason that CHARLES said what he said is because he was the 1ST member of the WINCHESTER family to become a fan of rock'n'roll music, especially after hearing CHUCK BERRY'S song entitled "ROLL OVER BEETHOVEN".

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