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Able - nurse played by Judy Farrell; after the war, she planned to go into nursing in Oklahoma.

"abyssinia" - term which is short for "I'll being seeing you" used by Henry Blake.

Adam's Ribs - restaurant located near Dearborn Station in Chicago. Hawkeye had ribs sent from there to MASH 4077 after suffering through eleven straight days of liver and fish.

Adiarte, Patrick - actor who played Ho-Jon, the Swampmen's houseboy in the series.

"AfterMASH" - short-lived spinoff of "M*A*S*H" which aired the season after "M*A*S*H" ended. It focused on the lives of Klinger, Father Mulcahy, and Colonel Potter after they returned home from the war.

Alda, Alan - actor who plays Captain Benjamin Franklin "Hawkeye" Pierce. He also wrote, directed, and acted as creative consultant for many episodes.

Alda, Antony - actor who played Jarvis in "Lend a Hand"; he is Alan's brother.

Alda, Robert - actor who played Dr. Borelli in "The Consultant" and "Lend a Hand"; he is Alan's father.

Anderson, Louise - nurse with upscale tastes in literature and music with whom Radar falls in love in "Love Story"; played by Kelly Jean Peters.

Arbus, Allan - actor who plays Dr. Sidney Freedman, the Army psychiatrist.

Altman, Mike - writer of the lyrics for "Suicide Is Painless," the M*A*S*H theme song.

Altman, Robert - director of the movie "M*A*S*H."

Auberjonois, Rene - actor who played Father Mulcahy in the movie.

Aylesworth, Doug - chopper pilot who went with BJ looking for Hawkeye and Margaret in "Comrades In Arms"; played by Doug Rowe.


Baker - nurse played by Pat Stevens and Jan Jordan; after the war, she planned on going into maternity and pediatrics.

Baldwin, Horace - colonel who sends Winchester to MASH 4077 after losing hundreds of dollars to him playing cribbage; played by Robert Symonds.

Bardonaro, Leo - BJ's friend who plays practical jokes on him in "Last Laugh"; played by James Cromwell.

Bayliss, Ginger - lieutenant played by Odessa Cleveland. She was a nurse at the 4077th during the early years.

Beatty, Ned - actor who played Hollister, the divisional chaplain in "Dear Peggy."

Begley, Ed Jr. - actor who played Pvt. Paul Conway, the foot soldier turned cook in "Too Many Cooks."

Bigelow - nurse at the 4077th who was also a nurse during the tail end of WWII; played by Enid Kent.

Black, "Ugly" John - captain played by John Orchard. He was the camp's anesthesiologist during the first season. In the movie he was played by Carl Gottlieb.

Blake, Andrew - Henry's son.

Blake, Henry Braymore - lieutenant colonel played by McLean Stevenson. He is a good surgeon but a weak commanding officer. He is married to Lorraine (called Mildred in some early episodes) and has a son, Andrew, and two daughters, Molly and Janie. He is discharged with all his points, but he dies when his plane home is shot down. In the movie he was played by Roger Bowen.

Blake, Janie - Henry's daughter.

Blake, Lorraine - Henry's wife; in some early episodes her name was Mildred.

Blake, Molly - Henry's daughter.

Bloomington - city in Illinois which is Henry's hometown; also the town in which McLean Stevenson grew up.

Booke, Sorrell - actor who played General Barker in "Chief Surgeon Who?" and "Requiem for a Lightweight."

Borelli - doctor who was sent to Tokyo to speak at a doctor's seminar. In a Tokyo bar he meets Hawkeye and Trapper and later follows them to the 4077th to experience life at the front again. He again clashes with Hawkeye when he comes to the 4077th to teach a new surgical technique. He was played by Robert Alda, Alan's father.

Boston - capital city of Massachusetts and hometown of Trapper John and Charles.

Bowen, Roger - actor who played Henry Blake in the movie.

Breslin, Carlye - nurse with whom Hawkeye lived during his residency. She was transferred to the 4077th in "The More I See You." They fell in love again, and she left him again. She was played by Blythe Danner.

Brown, Timothy - actor who played Spearchucker Jones in the series and Corporal Judson in the movie.

Burghoff, Gary - actor who plays Walter Eugene "Radar" O'Reilly. He also played Radar in the movie and is the only major actor who was in both the movie and the series.

Burns, Frank Marion "Ferret Face" - major played by Larry Linville. He is a by-the-book major and inept surgeon who is more interested in command than saving lives. Although married to Louise with three daughters, he is hopelessly in love with Margaret Houlihan. After she gets married, Frank goes crazy in Seoul and is sent home to a Veteran's hospital with a promotion. In the movie he was played by Robert Duvall and was a religious nut. He was sent home in a straight jacket after punching Hawkeye. In the book he was captain and a very different character.

Burns, Louise - Frank's wife.

Bush, Billy Green - actor who plays the chopper pilot, Cowboy, who tries to kill Henry in "Cowboy."

Butterworth, William E. - writer who co-wrote many of the "MASH Goes To..." books with Richard Hornberger (Hooker). He has also written many books under the pseudonym "W.E.B. Griffin."


Carlyle, Ellie - accordion player who visited the 4077th as part of the U.S.O troupe in "That's Show Biz"; played by Amanda McBroom.

Carpenter, Millison - nurse who died when she stepped on a land mine. Her love for Hawkeye was revealed in her diary in "Who Knew?"

Carroll, Beeson - actor who played Donald Penobscott in "Margaret's Marriage."

Casey, Adam - captain and surgeon who turns out to be a sergeant whose real name is Schwartz; he has passed himself off as a surgeon, a lawyer, a teacher, etc... and leaves the 4077th planning on acting as a priest; played by Alex Henteloff in "Dear Dad...Again."

Cavanaugh, Joe - middleweight champion who was Mulcahy's boxing hero and who dies at the 4077th; played by Pat McNamara.

Chandler, Arnold - captain who claimed to be Jesus Christ in "Quo Vadis, Captain Chandler?"; played by Alan Fudge.

Chao, Rosalind - actress who plays Soon-Lee Han, the Korean woman who marries Klinger.

Chivers - British Lieutenant whose ingrown toenail Hawkeye and B.J. treated in exchange for two bottles of scotch; played by Ted Hamilton in "Hey, Doc."

Christopher, William - actor who plays Lieutenant [later Captain] Father Francis John Patrick Mulcahy.

Clay, Andrew Dice - actor who played Cpl. Hrabosky in "Trick or Treatment."

Clayton, Crandell - general played by Herb Voland. He visited the 4077th several times during the first three season. He commissioned the movie about the MASHes and gave the 4077th the anti-aircraft gun to shoot down 5 O'Clock Charlie.

Cardozo, Phil - Captain/dentist who gave Hawkeye and Trapper advice on dealing with Frank in "5 O'Clock Charlie"; played by Corey Fisher.

Crabapple Cove - small town in Maine which is Hawkeye's hometown.

Cratty, Meg - elderly nurse who runs a clinic/orphanage for children and young mothers in North Korea. Henry Blake provided her with supplies and Potter once provided them with shelter when their clinic was bombed. She was played by Hope Summers ("The Trial of Henry Blake") and Ann Doran ("The Kids").

Cutler, Margie - nurse played by Marcia Strassman during the first season. Trapper fought a boxing match in order to keep her in the camp.


"Dago Red" - nickname for Father Mulcahy which, although used frequently in the book and the movie, was only used in a few early episodes of the series. Dago Red is the name of a sacremental wine with which Mulcahy got drunk in the original book. The nickname was dropped during the series because "dago" was often used as a derogatory term meaning Italian.

De Simone, Ignazio - wounded Italian soldier who fell in love with Margaret in "Cementing Relationships"; played by Joel Brooks.

Detmuller, "Digger" - lieutenant on morgue detail who came to get Hawkeye after he was declared dead in "The Late Captain Pierce"; played by Richard Masur.

Dish - lieutenant played by Karen Phillip in a few episodes of the first season. She is the nurse who, along with a pass to Tokyo, was the prize in the raffle in "The Pilot."

Dishell, Walter - doctor who acted as the medical consultant for the TV series. He also co-wrote an episode, "Life Time," with Alan Alda.

Donovan, Carrie - nurse who is comforted by BJ after receiving a "Dear Jane" letter in "Hanky Panky"; played by Amy Sweeny.

Doyle, Brandy - stripper who visited the 4077th as part of the U.S.O. troupe in "That's Show Biz." She became friends with Margaret and Sherman, who had seen her perform in the past. Played by Gwen Verdon.

Duvall, Robert - actor who played Frank Burns in the movie.


Esposito, Laverne - Klinger's sweetheart who marries him and then leaves him for Klinger's friend, Morty.


Farr, Jamie - actor who plays Corporal [later Sergeant] Maxwell Q. Klinger. He also directed an episode in Year 11, "Friends and Enemies."

Farrell, Judy - actress who plays Nurse Able; she was married to Mike Farrell during the series (they have since divorced and he remarried).

Farrell, Mike - actor who plays Captain B. J. Hunnicutt. He also wrote and directed several episodes in the later seasons.

Ferguson, Edwina - nurse who is a klutz and goes on a highly publicized date with Hawkeye. The 4077th nurses all turned cold shoulders to the men until Hawkeye went on the date with her; played by Arlene Golonka in "Edwina."

5 O'Clock Charlie - North Korean fighter pilot who tried unsuccessfully to bomb the ammo dump near the 4077th every day at 5 o'clock. He also dropped leaflets on the 4077th.

Flagg, Sam - colonel played by Edward Winter. He is the Army Intelligence agent who arrives at the 4077th from time to time with ridiculous theories and even more ridiculous plans.

Flash, Jackie - comedian who performed at the 4077th with the Miller Sisters in "Showtime"; played by Joey Forman.

Forrest, Augustus Bedford "Duke" - captain in the movie played by Tom Skerritt. He was a draftee doctor from Forrest City, Georgia. Although a major character in the book and the movie, the TV show's creators decided not to use him in the series.

Fort Ord - city in California in which Margaret spent her early years.

Fort Wayne - city in Indiana which is Frank's hometown.

Fox Ranch - outdoor set on which "M*A*S*H" was filmed. Now called Malibu Canyon Creek State Park, Twentieth Century-Fox donated the ranch to the State of California while the series was still being filmed. A portion of the park burned down in a brush fire during the filming of the final episode, "Goodbye, Farewell, and Amen" so the writers worked it into the script.

Freedman, Sidney Theodore - psychiatrist played by Allan Arbus. He frequently came to the 4077th to help out with difficult psychological cases.

Futterman - Captain/dentist in "For Want of a Boot" who believed he was meant to rule Japan; played by Michael Lerner.


Garr, Teri - actress who played Suzanne, a nurse in "The Sniper."

Gelbart, Larry - creator and writer for the TV series "M*A*S*H" and "AfterMASH"; also the producer for the first four years with Gene Reynolds.

Gillis, Tommy - Hawkeye's old friend who joins the Army to write a book, "You Never Hear the Bullet," from a soldier's point of view. He dies on the operating table in front of Hawkeye. He was played by James Callahan.

Goldman, Roy - corpsman played by Roy Goldman during the 11 years of the series.

Gould, Elliot - actor who played Trapper John in the movie.

grape Nehi - grape soda, Radar's favorite drink.

Grey, Zane - Colonel Potter's favorite author who wrote Western novels; his Last of the Plainsmen was put into the 4077th's time capsule in "As Time Goes By."

Griffin, Nancy - nurse played by Lynnette Mettey in "Sometimes You Hear the Bullet" and "Sticky Wicket."

Griswald - Colonel who stops by to visit his troops in post-op and asks Hawkeye for some penicillin (off the books). In exchange for Hawkeye's continued silence on the matter, he later sends in a tank to guard the camp from sniper fire. He was played by Frank Marth in "Hey, Doc."


Hammond, Hamilton - general who visited the 4077th during the first few episodes and appeared in the movie. He was played by G. Wood.

Han, Soon-Lee - Korean women who Klinger marries in the final episode. Together with Klinger, she searches for her parents. She returns to the States with Klinger in "AfterMASH." She was played by Rosalind Chao.

Hannibal - city in Missouri which is Colonel Potter's hometown.

Harris, Gail - lieutenant who studies to become a doctor in "Nurse Doctor"; played by Alexandra Stoddart.

Hartley, Mariette - actress who played Dr. Inga Halversen, the Swedish doctor in "Inga."

Haymer, Johnny - actor who plays Zelmo Zale.

Henry, Mike - actor who played Donald Penobscott in "The M*A*S*H Olympics."

Hi, Choon - Korean peasant girl who claimed that Radar was the father of her son in "The Chosen People"; played by Clare Nono.

Hildebrand, Phillip - Army psychiatrist sent to evaluate the mental stability of the 4077th in "Divided We Stand"; played by Anthony Holland.

Hirsh, Michael - producer, writer, and director for "Making M*A*S*H" and "Memories of M*A*S*H," two documentaries about the TV series; he was also the program coordinator for "AfterMASH."

Ho-Jon - the Swampmen's Korean houseboy played by Patrick Adiarte. Hawkeye helped raise money to send him to the States to go to his alma mater. We never found out exactly what happened to him in the series; he was just phased out after the first season. In the movie he was played by Kim Atwood and was drafted by the South Korean Army.

Hooker, Richard - pseudonym for Richard Hornberger, author of MASH and the other "MASH" books.

Hornberger, Richard - doctor and author of the book MASH and the other "MASH" books under the pseudonym "Richard Hooker."

Houlihan, Margaret "Hot Lips" - major played by Loretta Swit. She is the head nurse at the 4077th and has a love affair with Frank before becoming engaged with Donald Penobscott. Her marriage doesn't last long because of the distance between them. For the most part, she adheres strictly to the rules. Her father is "Howitzer" Alvin F. Houlihan, so the Army runs in her family. In the movie she was played by Sally Kellerman.

Houlihan, "Howitzer" Alvin F. - Margaret's father, a famous old soldier played by Andrew Duggan.

Howard, Ron - actor who played Wendell, a marine who lied about his age to enlist in "Sometimes You Hear the Bullet."

Hunnicutt, B. J. - doctor played by Mike Farrell. He was sent to the 4077th to replace Trapper John. Once called an "enigma" by Dr. Freedman, Beej is a somewhat quiet devoted family man. He is married to Peg and has a daughter, Erin.

Hunnicutt, Erin - B.J.'s daughter who was only a few months old when BJ was drafted. Erin is also the name of Mike Farrell's one daughter.

Hunnicutt, Peg - B.J.'s wife played by Catherine Bergstrom.


Inchon - South Korean city on the coast of the Yellow Sea. Members of the 4077th went to a beach in this city in "Goodbye, Farewell, and Amen."


Jones, Oliver Harmon "Spearchucker" - captain played by Timothy Brown. He is a doctor who played for the San Francisco 49ers before being drafted. The writers removed him from the 4077th when they found that there were no black surgeons in the Korean War. In the movie he was played by Fred Williamson and was called to the 4077th as a ringer for a football game against the 121st Evac.


Kaplan - dentist played by Harvey Goldenberg during the first season.

Karras, Alex - actor who played Lyle, the Marine who wanted to repay Hawkeye for saving his life in the episode "Springtime".

Katz, Allan - one of the show's producers during Year 5.

Kellerman, Sally - actress who played Hot Lips in the movie.

Kelly - nurse played by Kellye Nakahara.

Kelly, "Iron Guts" - general who died of a heart attack in Margaret's tent; played by James Gregory.

Kim - 5 year-old Korean who Trapper almost adopted in "Kim." Sister Theresa found his mother before Trapper adopted him. He was played by Edgar Miller.

Kimble - Sergeant who wanted to bring home enough material to start a Korean restaurant when he got his discharge. He gets Hawkeye and B.J. to sign a diagnosis saying he can't go home by plane; they later blackmail Frank into signing. He was played by Bruce Kirby in "Hey, Doc."

Kimpo - army airport often used by the MASH personnel.

Koenig, Dennis - one of the show's producers during Year 10.

Klinger, Maxwell Q. - corporal played by Jamie Farr. He was a corpsman whose duties ranged from carrying litters to guarding the camp. Before he became company clerk when Radar left, he wore dresses and pulled many stunts in his attempt to get a Section 8 discharge. He is promoted to sergeant during season 10.

Kwang - Officer's Club bartender played by Clyde Kusatsu during the second season.


Lardner, Ring Jr. - author of the screenplay for the movie "M*A*S*H," which won an Oscar for Best Screenplay.

Last of the Mohicans, The - book from which Hawkeye got his nickname; the only book Daniel Pierce ever read.

Linville, Larry - actor who plays Major Frank Marion "Ferret Face" Burns.

Long, Shelley - actress who played Nurse Mendenhall in "Bottle Fatigue."


MacArthur, Douglas - general who commanded the US forces in Korea and visited the 4077th once (well, he drove through the camp).

Mako - actor who played many Korean officers and the Chinese doctor in "Rainbow Bridge."

Malibu Canyon Creek State Park (Fox Ranch) - outdoor set on which "M*A*S*H" was filmed. Twentieth Century-Fox donated the ranch to the State of California while the series was still being filmed. A portion of the park burned down in a brush fire during the filming of the final episode, "Goodbye, Farewell, and Amen" so the writers worked it into the script.

Mandel, Johnny - composer who wrote the music for "Suicide Is Painless," the M*A*S*H theme song.

Margolin, Stuart - actor who played Capt. Sherman in "Bananas, Crackers and Nuts" and Major Robbins in "Operation Noselift."

MASH (Mobile Army Surgical Hospital) - hospitals used during the Korean War which were positioned close to the front so that the injured could receive immediate treatment.

Maxwell, Jeff - actor who played Igor Straminsky.

McIntyre, John Francis Xavier "Trapper" - captain played by Wayne Rogers. He is a devoted doctor and Hawkeye's good friend. He is married to Louise with two daughters, Becky and Kathy. After season 3 he got all his points and received his discharge orders. In the movie he was he chief surgeon and was played by Elliot Gould.

Metcalfe, Burt - one of the show's producers for Years 5-7 and executive producer of the TV series for the last four years. He also directed many episodes.

Miller, Sarah - a singer who stopped by the 4077th as part of the U.S.O. troupe in "That's Show Biz." While at the 4077th, she recovered the ballet shoes which her deceased brother had carried with him as a soldier. Played by Karen Landry.

Miller Sisters - singing trio which played a show for the 4077th in "Showtime"; played by Marilyn King, Jean Turrell, and Joan Lucksinger.

Mill Valley - city near San Francisco, California which is BJ's hometown.

Mitchell, Maynard - general who gave the Officer's Club to the 4077th for saving his son, Gary; he also oversaw Henry Blake's trial. He was played by Robert Simon.

Mitchell, "Smilin' " Jack - chopper pilot who was competing for "chopper pilot of the year" in "Smilin' Jack." It was discovered that he has diabetes and the doctors grounded him. He was played by Robert Hogan.

Moody, Jeris - medic who was caught trying to steal penicillin from the 4077th in "White Gold." It was revealed that he was stealing it for his outfit to use. He showed up at camp again with a batch of wounded in "Post-Op." He was played by Hilly Hicks.

"Moon Is Blue, The" - supposedly racy movie shown at the 4077th after a lot of work by Hawkeye, BJ, and Col. Potter in "The Moon Is Not Blue."

moose - a Korean woman who acted as a servant; the word comes from a Japanese word for girl. The Swampmen freed Young-Hi, a moose, in "The Moose." Zale had a moose in "Of Moose and Men."

Morgan, Harry - actor who plays Colonel Sherman T. Potter. He also directed several episodes and played General Bartford Hamilton Steele in "The General Flipped at Dawn."

Morita, Noriyuki 'Pat' - actor who plays Sam Pak, the South Korean Captain in episodes such as "The Chosen People."

Mulcahy, Francis John Patrick - lieutenant who is played by William Christopher. During "The Pilot," he was played by George Morgan. He is the priest who fulfills all the spiritual needs of the 4077th. He is promoted to captain during season 8. In the movie he went by the nickname "Dago Red" and was played by Rene Auberjonois.

Mulcahy, Katherine (Sister Maria Angelica) - Father Mulcahy's sister, a nun back in the States.

Mulligan, Jim - one of the show's producers during Years 8-9.

Mumford, Thad - one of the show's producers during Years 10-11.

"My Darling Clementine" - an old Western movie which was Potter's favorite and played at the 4077th in "Movie Tonight."


Nichols, "Fast" Freddie - comic who traveled with the U.S.O troupe which stopped by the 4077th in "That's Show Biz"; played by Danny Dayton.

Nielsen, Leslie - actor who played Colonel Buzz Brighton in "The Ringbanger."


O'Brien - chopper pilot at the 4077th during the first two seasons.

Oh, Soon-Teck - Korean actor who played many parts such as Syn Paik, the North Korean surgeon in "The Korean Surgeon" and the surrendering North Korean in "The Bus."

O'Neill, Dick - actor who played the Admiral in "38 Across," Gen. Prescott in "B.J. Papa San," and Col. Pitts in "Sons and Bowlers."

Orchard, John - actor who played Ugly John in the first season and Muldoon in "Captains Outrageous."

O'Reilly, Edward - Walter's uncle who takes care of the family farm.

O'Reilly, Walter Eugene "Radar" - corporal played by Gary Burghoff. Acting as the company clerk at MASH 4077, he is nicknamed "Radar" because he knows what's going to happen before it happens. He receives a hardship discharge and returns home after his Uncle Ed dies.

Ottumwa - small town in Iowa which is Radar's hometown.

Ouijongbou - South Korean town in which MASH 4077 is located; sometimes spelled "Uijongbu."


Packo's Hungarian Hot Dogs (Tony Packo's Cafe) - Klinger's favorite restaurant in Toledo.

Pak, Sam - captain in the South Korean Army played by Pat Morita.

Panmunjon - South Korean city which was the site of the peace talks; in "Peace on Us," Hawkeye went to the peace talks here to let off some steam.

Parker, Nancy Sue - 20 year old clerk with whom Henry falls in love in "Henry in Love"; played by Katherine Baumann.

Penobscott, Donald - lieutenant colonel who marries Margaret Houlihan. He has himself transferred stateside to avoid talking out the problems with Margaret. He was played by Beeson Carroll ("Margaret's Marriage") and Mike Henry ("The M*A*S*H Olympics").

Philadelphia - large city in Pennsylvania which is Father Mulcahy's hometown.

Pierce, Benjamin Franklin "Hawkeye" - captain played by Alan Alda. He is the chief surgeon at MASH 4077. His father nicknamed him "Hawkeye" after a character in The Last of the Mohicans, the only book his father ever read. His capacity for jokes is only superseded by his dedication to saving lives. In the movie he was played by Donald Sutherland and was not the chief surgeon.

Pierce, Daniel - Benjamin's father. He is the town doctor in Crabapple Cove and gave Hawkeye his nickname. His wife died when Benjamin was still young.

Pierpoint, Robert - announcer of Armed Forces Radio who did several announcements which were broadcast in "Goodbye, Farewell, and Amen."

Porterfield, Abigail - author of The Rooster Crowed at Midnight, a novel read by the camp in "The Light That Failed."

Potter, Mildred - Sherman's wife.

Potter, Sherman T. - colonel played by Harry Morgan. A regular army colonel and good doctor, he is sent to take command of MASH 4077 after Henry Blake dies. He demands respect while allowing some lapses in discipline. His ultimate concern is the welfare of the wounded. He is married to Mildred and has been in World War I and World War II. He returns home after the war in "AfterMASH" to be a doctor in a Veteran's hospital.

Pratt, Vinnie - agent with Intelligence G-2 who comes to the 4077th to check up on the activities of Col. Flagg; played by Bill Fletcher in "A Smattering of Intelligence."

Preminger, Ingo - producer of the movie "M*A*S*H."


"Quintet for Clarinet and Strings (K. 581)" - musical piece composed by Mozart which Charles tried to teach the Chinese musicians to play in "Goodbye, Farewell, and Amen."


Radar's teddy bear - Radar's faithful stuffed companion first appeared in "I Hate a Mystery" and never had a name.

Rappaport, John - one of the show's producers during Years 8-9 and supervising producer during the last two years of the series.

Rayburn, Lil - colonel and Eighth Army head nurse who falls in love with Col. Potter in "Lil"; played by Carmen Mathews.

Reo, Don - one of the show's producers during Year 5.

Reynolds, Gene - creator and writer for the TV series; also the producer for the first four years with Larry Gelbart and executive producer for Year 5.

Ritter, John - actor who played Private Carter, a soldier who held Frank at gunpoint in the showers in "Deal Me Out."

Rizzo, Luther - sergeant played by G.W. Bailey. He is a Louisiana native and ran the motor pool.

Roberts, Clete - reporter who played himself in two interview episodes of "M*A*S*H."

Rogers, Wayne - actor who plays Captain John Francis Xavier "Trapper" McIntyre.

Rooster Crowed at Midnight, The - mystery novel written by Abigail Porterfield and read by the entire camp in "The Light That Failed."

Rosie's Bar - bar across from MASH 4077 where the camp personnel frequently go to get away from the war.

Rosie - owner of Rosie's Bar. She was played by Shizuko Hoshi ("Mad Dogs and Servicemen"), Frances Fong ("Fallen Idol") and Eileen Saki (several episodes in seasons 5-11).

Ryan, Marina - singer and member of a U.S.O. troupe who went to the 4077th to have her appendix removed. She fell in love with Hawkeye and wanted to stay, but he turned her down gently. Played by Gail Edwards in "That's Show Biz."


Scorch, Leslie - captain and nurse who was Henry's love interest during the first season and in the movie; played by Linda Meiklejohn in the series and by Indus Arthur in the movie.

Scully, Jack - soldier who first meets the M*A*S*H crew at Rosie's Bar after he goes AWOL. He becomes interested in Margaret, but their relationship doesn't work out. He was played by Joshua Bryant.

Seoul - capital city of South Korea. This city is a popular spot for soldiers on R & R.

"Seoul City" Sue - Korean radio personality who tries to drive the United States forces home with discouraging remarks.

Sikking, James B. - actor who played the finance officer in "Tuttle."

Sister Theresa - Catholic nun who runs an orphanage near the 4077th. Father Mulcahy was often helping her out by getting supplies for the orphanage. She was played by Mary-Robin Reid in "Tuttle" and by Maggie Roswell in "Kim."

Skerritt, Tom - actor who played Duke Forrest in the movie.

Soon, Kyung - Korean woman with whom Hawkeye falls in love in "In Love and War"; played by Keiu Chinh.

Sonnets From the Portuguese - collection of poems by Elizabeth Barrett Browning which Charles lent Margaret in "Give and Take" so she would do his charity work. In "Goodbye, Farewell, and Amen" Charles demands it back; however, as a final gesture to Margaret, he gives the book to her as a farewell present.

Sophie - injured horse which Radar, Hawkeye, and BJ rescued. Radar gave her to Potter as an anniversary present.

Spalding, Calvin - captain played by Loudon Wainwright III. He was a doctor and guitarist who appeared in a few episodes during the third year.

Sparky - the telephone operator at Army headquarters to whom Radar and Klinger often spoke. His real name is Sergeant Pryor and he was played by Dennis Simple in "Tuttle."

Stage 9 - the Twentieth Century Fox Studios indoor set on which "M*A*S*H" was filmed.

St. James, Susan - actress who played Aggie O'Shea, the famous war correspondent in "War Co-respondent."

"Stars and Stripes" - Army newspaper which the camp personnel read from time to time.

Steele, Bartford Hamilton - general who wanted to move M*A*S*H 4077th closer to the front in "The General Flipped at Dawn"; played by Harry Morgan.

Stevenson, McLean - actor who plays Lt. Colonel Henry Blake. He originally wanted to play "Hawkeye." He also directed one episode, "The Trial of Henry Blake."

Stiers, David Ogden - actor who plays Major Charles Emerson Winchester III. He also directed two episodes in season 10: "Identity Crisis" and "That Darn Kid."

Straminsky, Igor - private played by Jeff Maxwell. He was the camp's cook and mess tent server.

Strassman, Marcia - actress who played nurse Margie Cutler in early episodes such as "Ceasefire."

"Suicide Is Painless" - the theme song for "M*A*S*H"; the score was composed by Johnny Mandel and the lyrics (as heard in the movie) were written by Mike Altman.

Sussman, Todd - actor who was the voice for many of the PA Announcements; he also guest-starred in "Operation Noselift" as Pvt. Danny Baker.

Sutherland, Donald - actor who played Hawkeye Pierce in the movie.

Swayze, Patrick - actor who played Gary Sturgis, a private who finds out that he has leukemia in "Blood Brothers."

Swit, Loretta - actress who plays Major Margaret "Hot Lips" Houlihan, the head nurse at the 4077th M*A*S*H.


"The Swamp" - name which Hawkeye gave to Tent Number Six, the tent in which he, Trapper, and Frank lived.

Tokyo - capital city of Japan. This city is a popular spot for soldiers on R & R.

Toledo - city in Ohio which is Klinger's hometown and the location of Packo's Hungarian Hot Dogs.

Tucker, Daniel Webster - colonel who was a friend of Col. Potter's; Potter told the rest of the staff to be on their best behavior during his visit because he was a hard-nosed disciplinarian (leaving out the fact they are friends). Tucker and Potter got the last laugh with their practical joke in "April Fools." He was played by Pat Hingle.

Tuttle, Jonathan S. - imaginary captain who was Hawkeye's imaginary childhood friend. Hawkeye used his name when donating supplies to Sister Theresa. He "died" when he jumped from a chopper without his parachute.

Twentieth Century Fox Television - the production company for "M*A*S*H."

Tyler, Billy - sergeant and star football player who wanted to commit suicide after he had to have his leg amputated in "End Run"; played by Henry Brown.


Uijongbu - see "Ouijongbou."


Van Ark, Joan - actress who played Erika, a nurse who Hawkeye almost married in "Radar's Report."

Viscuso, Sal - actor who provided the voice for many of the PA announcements; he also played some minor parts such as a wounded soldier in "Dear Sigmund."


Wainwright, Loudon III - actor/musician who played Captain Calvin Spalding, the doctor who played the guitar in a few episodes during the third year.

Waldowski, Walter Koskiusko - captain in the movie played by John Schuck. Nicknamed "the Painless Pole," he was widely known as "the best-equipped dentist in the Army." Believing himself to be a a victim of latent homosexuality, he planned to commit suicide after failing with a nurse. Although named in "The Pilot," he never appeared in the series.

Walker, Phil - corporal who married a Korean woman with the help of Hawkeye. He wanted to marry her because they had a baby together and he was going home; played by Jerry Zaks in "L.I.P."

"W*A*L*T*E*R" - pilot which was shot for a series which was never picked up by the network. It starred Gary Burghoff as Walter O'Reilly who became a police officer after he lost his farm and his wife left him.

Wendt, George - actor who played Pvt. La Roche in "Trick or Treatment."

Weston - dead private whose spirit speaks to a delirious Corporal Klinger in "Follies of the Living - Concerns of the Dead"; played by Kario Salem.

Whiplash Hwang - old Korean man and professional accident victim who was 'hit' by Radar in "Deal Me Out"; played by Jerry Fujikawa.

Wilcox, Dan - one of the show's producers during Years 10-11.

Williamson, Fred - actor who played Spearchucker Jones in the movie.

Williamson, R. T. - Congressman's aide who visited the 4077th and accused Margaret of being a Communist sympathizer; played by Lawrence Pressman in "Are You Now, Margaret?"

Wilson, Bob - Colonel Potter's son-in-law who cheats on his wife in "Strange Bedfellows"; played by Dennis Dugan.

Winchester, Charles Emerson III - major played by David Ogden Stiers. An excellent doctor, he is sent to the 4077th to replace Frank and resents almost every minute of it. He was stationed at Tokyo General before being sent to MASH 4077. He comes from a rich family in Boston and has a pompous attitude.

Winchester, Honoria - Charles's sister.

Winter, Edward - actor who plays Colonel Flagg in several episodes and Captain Halloran in "Deal Me Out."

Wood, G. - actor who played General Hammond in both the movie and the first season of the TV series.



Young-Hi - Korean girl who was a moose (servant) before the Swampmen freed her in "The Moose"; played by Virginia Lee.


Zale, Zelmo - sergeant played by Johnny Haymer. He is the 4077th's supply sergeant.

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